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Why is the Peptide Process Development & CMC Summit Unique?

Dive into the dynamic world of peptide innovation at our groundbreaking conference, Peptide Process Development & CMC! Uniting brilliant minds across peptide synthesis, characterization, analysis, purification, CMC, regulatory affairs, and technology transfer, this event serves as the epicenter for cutting-edge discussions and collaborations. Encounter a melting pot of ideas, where industry experts converge to tackle shared challenges head-on, shaping the future of peptide science. From unraveling complexities in synthesis to navigating regulatory landscapes, every facet of peptide process development finds a spotlight here. Join us on this exhilarating journey of discovery, where innovation knows no bounds!

Join Your Peers to:

Innovate analytical strategies for complex peptide therapeutics, conjugates, macrocyclic, and long peptides.

Explore greener synthesis strategies to reduce your environmental footprint and create long term cost savings in raw materials and waste management

Uncover how to implement continuous solid-phase monitoring using refractive index tools for peptide development

Hear how leading companies are moving away from SPPS and how effective these alternative methods are

Learn how to navigate the complicated regulatory landscape of peptide therapeutics globally

Who Will You Meet?

This event is tailor-made for professionals working in peptide synthesis, characterization, analysis, purification, CMC, regulatory affairs, and technology transfer domains. It attracts industry experts seeking to stay at the forefront of innovation, connect with like-minded peers, and gain insights into the latest advancements and best practices shaping the future of peptide process development.

What Your Peers Have to Say:

 “Peptide conferences have been made the same for years, we need a new one to highlight the alternative and sustainable processes for peptide development. The statistics are there, it’s grown incredibly obvious the projected growth of peptides is exponential which is why we need these solutions.”

Paul Richardson, Director, Pfizer – Speaker

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“I'm very excited especially because this summit is oriented to process development on larger scale synthesis. What is new? And how are we doing?”

John Lopez, Solid Phase Synthesis Expert, Novartis – Speaker

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“It’s crazy, we’re doing these peptide runs in less than a day. I’m actually very excited to finally be able to talk about it.”

Kyle Ruhl, Associate Principal Scientist, Merck – Speaker

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