Partnership Opportunities

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies simply don’t have the capacity to scale up in-house and therefore need your services to advance their drugs through the pipeline. They need to find ways to be cost efficient with all of their processes and are looking for highly optimized methods to synthesize, characterize, purify, and formulate their peptide molecules.

All of the investment being flooded into the peptide field needs to be matched with the manufacturing facilities to get these drugs to patients faster. Are you ready to create new partnerships to advance the rapidly growing field?

Experts Need Your Help With:


Synthesizing novel molecules like cyclic, macrocyclic, & conjugated molecules

Innovative and higher yielding synthesis methods that are more environmentally friendly than traditional routes


Enhanced purification methods that are compliant with global regulatory requirements


Enhanced stability to move away from injectable delivery to novel oral methods


Reliable and flexible services to seamlessly and quickly scale-up under GMP conditions

... And Much More!

Why Partner?

Elevate your advanced tailored services to synthesize complex amino acid sequences that researchers can rely on.

Demonstrate your expertise in optimizing the purification of the stickiest peptide molecules to increase yield and therefore commercial goals for your partners.

Showcase your specialist comprehensive services related to the scale-up and manufacturing of peptides under GMP conditions.

Display your master formulation services at the right time in the right place to generate lasting commercial opportunities.

Who Will You Meet?